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sábado, 24 de julio de 2010


"Alejandro" is a song by American recording artist Lady Gaga. It is the third single from her second studio album, The Fame Monster (2009). Co-written and produced by RedOne, it is composed as a mid-tempo Europop song with an uplifting melody, where Gaga sings about bidding farewell to her lovers. It was inspired by Gaga's "Fear of Sex Monster". Critics noted it to be heavily influenced by ABBA and Ace of Base, and predominantly gave positive reviews for it.

Holaaaaaa Bueno en breve grabo el cover y os lo pongo, espero que os guste la versión acústica. Muchas gracias a todos los que dais vida a este blog, me encanta leeros y saber como estais.

Aqui va un poco de wikipedia.

"Alejandro" charted on the UK Singles Chart prior to its official release, and reached the top-five on the Hungarian Singles Chart due to download sales from the album. It has also charted in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden and the United States—where it became her seventh successive single to reach the top-ten of the Billboard Hot 100, and also topped the Finnish, Polish and Russian charts. Gaga performed the song on both legs of The Monster Ball Tour, portraying a sexual innuendo scene with her dancers. The song was also performed on the ninth season of American Idol on May 5, 2010.

A music video for the single, which was directed by photographer Steven Klein, was released on June 8, 2010. It was inspired by Gaga's love for her gay friends and admiration of gay love—"her envy of the courage and bravery they require to be together". The music video portrays Gaga with a group of soldiers in a cabaret, dancing to the song. It is interspersed with scenes of Gaga as a nun swallowing a rosary and near-naked men, holding machine guns. The music video received from mixed to positive reviews, with critics complimenting its idea and dark nature, while the Catholic League attacked Gaga for her use of blasphemy, despite Klein dismissing the idea and claiming the scene in question (the swallowing of the Rosary beads) was Gaga's "desire to take in the Holy".

Y nada estad atentos................ besotessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

domingo, 18 de julio de 2010


HOLAAAAAAAAAAA este es mi pequeño regalo a todos por estar a mi lado un año más, acabo de tomarme una tarta cockie de chocolate!!!!!!Biennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Gracias por estar conmigo un año mas, es como volver a nacer ,sois una brillante estrella fugaz, que hace que mis deseos lleguen a hacerse realidad, con tan solo darme esa fuerza y ese cariño que vosotros me dais y me alimentais cada dia, gracias por ser mi regali de cumpleañooooosssssssss..

Y orgullosa de haber nacido un 18 de julio como el y en un año que acaba en 8 igual que yo. Me encanta el titular que he leido hoy sobre el "Ésta es la historia de una vida de obstáculos, castigos, sueños y logros" en su 92 cumpleaños.

Y aqui va la información de la canción como siempre en inglés y según wikipedia:

"All the Lovers" is a song by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. It is the first single from her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite. "All the Lovers" was written by English electropop duo Kish Mauve and was one of the last songs to be recorded for the album. Minogue chose the song as the first single since she felt it was reflective of the euphoric mood of Aphrodite. "All the Lovers" is a midtempo electropop song with prominent synthesizers, that has been compared to Minogue's 2004 single "I Believe in You". Its lyrics are an invitation to the dancefloor, while comparing previous relationships to one's current lover. "All the Lovers" was positively received by contemporary critics, who praised its dance anthem nature and deemed it as a classic Minogue single.

The song became a commercial success particularly in Europe, reaching the top ten in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Italy, and peaking inside the top five in France, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. The accompanying music video was inspired by the installations of Spencer Tunick, and portrays Minogue on top of a flash mob of people wearing white underwear, surrounded by different white floating objects. Minogue explained that the video was an expression of her view on sexuality and sensuality. It received positive reviews, with critics complimenting its aesthetic and imagery. "All the Lovers" has been performed by Minogue in a number of live appearances, including the fifth's season finale of Germany's Next Topmodel.

martes, 6 de julio de 2010

Thinking of you


Hola a todos hoy he disfrutado mucho de vuestras preguntas, hay que organizar foros más a menudo así contestaré más rápido, al principio me costó un poquillo. A los que habeis estado y entrado habeis conseguido que sea muy feliz!!! Ahora a sortear dos juegos de pulserillas con las palabras Xoxo, Wild, Iloveyou, Peace, TTYL, BFF, CYA, BRB, Cool y una revista ASCAP firmada, además en esa revista aparece alguien con el que estoy trabajando esa es una pista, pero aparece tanta gente importante, jejejejejej
Vaya risa con los xoxos jejejejjejejejejejejejej los hay de varios colores !!!
Bueno para contar un poco la historia de Thniking of you, esta es una de las canciones que coescribi con Elsten Torres y John Falcone en los estudios de Dan Warner antes de moverme a LA. Una letra muy pegadiza y que dice todo y se puede aplicar a muchas cosas en la vida. También existe en español. estuvimos un dia entero trabajando en ella y esta fue la letra que salio de ese día tan fructifero

Words & Music: Veronica Romero/Elsten Torres/John Falcone
I'm thinking of you all day
And living the dreams we've made
How you have always given
Me such a wonderful feeling

There's something special inside
A love that keeps us alive
We don't need any reason
We just keep on believing

Thinking of you...Thinking of you
I know there's nothing that we both can't do
Thinking of you...Thinking of you
Making every little wish I have come true....
Thinking of you....

You showed up right on time
And opened up these eyes
To this world that we live in
And the beauty within it....

Now there's no more tears
You've wiped away my fears
I forgot how the past was
I forgot what real love does

Thinking of you...Thinking of you
I know there's nothing that we both can't do
Thinking of you...Thinking of you
Making every little wish I have come true....
Thinking of you....

We don't need any reason we just keep on believing
I forgot how the past was and what real love does

Ahora ya teneis algo más que estudiar este verano jejejej
Un besito muy muy grande y muchas gracias por estar a mi lado.
Hoy he sido muy feliz gracias a vosotros